Green Voter Card – Nov. 2022

(The complete voter guide will soon be posted to: )

State Executive Offices
Boycott the Following Races – see front-page article:
    Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Controller,
    Treasurer, Attorney General, and Insurance Commissioner

Superintendent of Public Instruction – [Don’t vote for Christensen] 

Federal Offices

U.S. Senate (full term) – Blackball this race, see front-page article 

U.S. Senate (partial term) – Spurn this race, see front-page article 

U.S. Representative, District 12 – Stay away from this race, see front-page article

Other State Offices
State Board of Equalization, District 2 – Sally Lieber (Preferred, but not endorsed)

State Senate, District 10 – Aisha Wahab (Recommended, but not endorsed)

State Assembly, District 14 –  Shun this race, see front-page article 

State Assembly, District 18 –  Snub this race, see front-page article 

State Assembly, District 20 –  No endorsement, Please see write-up

Judicial Offices

State Supreme Court – Patricia Guerrero, Goodwin Liu, Martin Jenkins, and Joshua Groban  

State Courts of Appeal, First District – No endorsements, please see write-up

Special School Districts

Peralta Community College, Area 3 – Louis Quindlen

Peralta Community College, Area 5 – Cindi Reiss and Saleem Gilmore, please see write-up

Peralta Community College, Area 7 – Sheweet Yohannes

County Offices

Supervisor, District 3 – Rebecca Kaplan, with reservations

District Attorney – Pamela Price

City Offices


City Council – #1: Robin D. Lopez, #2: John Anthony Miki, #3 to #5: Jeremiah Garrett-Pinguelo, Jennifer Hansen-Romero, Nick Pilch    

School Board – No endorsements, please see write-up  


Auditor – Jenny Wong

City Council, District 1 – #1: Tamar Michai Freeman, #2: Elisa Mikiten, with reservations  [Do NOT rank Rashi Kesarwani]

City Council, District 4 – Kate Harrison

City Council, District 7 – Aidan Hill (write-in, as we go to press) 

City Council, District 8 – Mari Mendonca

School Board – Jennifer Shanoski, Ka’Dijah Brown, and Mike Chang

Rent Stabilization Board – Soli Alpert, Nathan Mizell, Vanessa Danielle Marrero, Ida Martinac, and Nageene Mosaed 


City Council – Eugene Tssui, with reservations, Sukhdeep Kaur, with reservations

School Board — Brian Donahue (only). 


Mayor – #1: Allyssa Victory Villanueva, with reservations, #2: Sheng Thao (ranked, but not endorsed), #3: John Reimann (ranked, but not endorsed)  

City Auditor – Courtney Ruby  

City Council, District 2 – Nikki Fortunato Bas       

City Council, District 4 – Janani Ramachandran (preferred, but not endorsed)              

City Council, District 6 – No endorsement, please see write-up.                   

School Board, District 2 – #1: Max Orozco, #2: Jennifer Brouhard  [Do NOT vote for David Kakishiba]

School Board, District 4 – #1: Pecolia Manigo, #2: Mike Hutchinson, with reservations  [No! No! No! Do NOT vote Nick Resnick]

School Board, District 6 – #1: Valarie Bachelor, #2: Joel Velasquez, with reservations  [Do NOT vote for Kyra Mungia]

Special Districts

AC Transit, At-Large – Alfred Twu      

AC Transit, Ward 3 – Sarah Syed (preferred, but not endorsed)  

AC Transit, Ward 4 – Barisha Spriggs

AC Transit, Ward 5 – Diane Shaw (unopposed, not on the ballot)

BART, District 4 – No endorsement (Not on the ballot)

BART, District 6 – Lance Nishihira   

EBMUD, Ward 3 – Marguerite Young  

EBMUD, Ward 4 – Andy Katz, (Unopposed, not on the ballot, please see write-up)

EBMUD, Ward 7 – Matt Turner

EBRPD, Ward 3 – Daphne Lin, with reservations and Dennis Waespi, with reservations  (You make the final choice) 

EBRPD, Ward 5 – Unfortunately, not on the ballot, please see write-up   

Statewide Propositions (Articles on these are at: )

1 – Constitutional right to reproductive freedom – Yes 

26 – Legalizes sports betting at Indian casinos & racetracks – No position, please see write-up

27 – Legalizes online and mobile sports betting – No  

28 – Arts and Music Education Funding – Yes

29 – On-site medical professional at kidney dialysis clinics – Yes

30 – Programs to reduce air pollution and prevent wildfires – No

31 – Approves the ban on certain flavored tobacco products – Yes

Local Measures

D – Countywde maximum floor area ratio increase for agricultural buildings and equestrian riding arenas – No

H – Oakland renewal of funding for schools – Yes, with parcel tax reservations

K – Albany Medical Services and Fire Protection Special Tax – Yes, with parcel tax reservations

L – Berkeley Infrastructure Bond – No, No, No!

M – Berkeley Vacancy Tax – Yes

N – Berkeley Public Low-Rent Housing – Yes

O – Emeryville Real Property Transfer Tax Increase – Yes, with reservations

Q – Oakland: authorizes low rent social housing units – Yes, with bond reservations

R – Oakland gender neutral language – Yes

S – Oakland non-citizen school board voting – Yes

T – Oakland Progressive Business Tax – Yes, with reservations

U – Oakland Infrastructure Bond – Yes, with bond reservations

V – Oakland Just Cause – Yes

W – Oakland Campaign Reform – Yes

X – Oakland Term Limits, etc. – Yes

Y – Oakland zoo parcel tax – No