The Green Party of Alameda County, part of the East Bay Region of the Green Party of California, has over 9,500 registered members here in Alameda county. We have been active for over 20 years, hold monthly meetings and “Green Sundays” on the second Sunday evening of each month at Niebyl Proctor Library in Oakland, and host conferences, public events, and gatherings for up to 1000 people in the Bay Area.


Bay Area Greens marching in the SF Pride Parade (2013) in support of Bradley Manning as Grand Marshall

* Interested in getting active in the Alameda County Green Party?  We recommend you email us (acgreens1992 – at – gmail), or click “Join This Group” on our listserve to receive announcements.

* Want to register as a Green?  Go here, or call us at (510) 644-2293.

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The Green Party in the United States is generally supportive of the Ten Key Values, some of which include: Nonviolence, Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice and Grassroots Democracy.  Other Green Parties around the world favor similar values, but most Green Party groups have slight differences.  For some history of the Green Party in the US, see the wikipedia page on the Green Party History. The Green Party of Alameda County Bylaws, are located here [PDF].

* County Council: The Green Party of Alameda County’s governing board is a 6-8 member elected County Council, which meets monthly.

Current County Council Members

The following current Alameda County Council members were elected on June 5th, 2012, and reconfirmed by consensus at the June 8, 2014 County Council meeting. The confirmation process was held in lieu of re-election, since California’s new “Top Two Primary” law has resulted in political parties being prevented from conducting their governing board elections as part of the public election process during Gubernatorial years.

Greg Jan

Pamela R. Spevack

Akio Tanaka

The following current County Council Members were appointed during 2012-2014 to fill vacancies, and reconfirmed by consensus on June 8, 2014 (see above):

Samsarah Morgan

John Torok

The following current County Council Members were confirmed by consensus on June 8, 2014 (see above):

Tina Kimmel

Michael Rubin

All members are At-Large. All terms will expire in June 2016.

Past County Council Members

Alameda County Council members elected on June 5th, 2012:

Member, Green Party County Council At-Large; County of Alameda

(Voters could select 8 candidates)

Janet S. Arnold 1332 votes 12.10%

  • Occupation: Incumbent

Patti Marsh 1290 votes 11.72%

  • Occupation: Musician

Greg Jan 1247 votes 11.33%

  • Occupation: Historical Researcher

Pamela R. Spevack 1224 votes 11.12%

  • Occupation: Social Services Coordinator

Victoria Ashley 1201 votes 10.91%

  • Occupation: Psychology Researcher

Aaron Reaven 1168 votes 10.61%

  • Occupation: Educator

Akio Tanaka 1166 votes 10.59%

  • Occupation: Retired Engineer

Lindsay Vurek 1081 votes 9.82%

  • Occupation: Retired Scientist

Conor Dixon 777 votes 7.06%

  • Occupation: Software Contractor

Robert Marsh 438 votes 3.98%

  • Occupation: Computer Engineer

Oakland Greens Video

3rd Eye Wisdom – Green Party & Independent Political Action


A thought provoking documentary created by members of the Green Party, in support of Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, Rosa Clemente and Matt Gonzalez. What is the Green Party? Who are the members?