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Green Party County Council Race – June 7, 2016 Primary

Vote for up to eleven of the twelve candidates.

County Councilors are elected to make decisions for the Green Party of Alameda County (GPAC). The County Council makes official endorsements, decides on spending and fundraising, appoints representatives to state and national Green Party conventions, etc.

Below are short statements of the candidates for County Council. The Council does not endorse candidates in this race, but provides this space for candidates to inform you of their positions. We encourage you to vote in this important race—the winners will determine the direction of the GPAC for the next two years.

County Council meetings are open to the public, and are generally held the second Sunday of the month. All in attendance have full participation, including decision-making. The only exception to this is if a vote is required (we attempt to reach consensus, and usually do), only elected Councilors have a vote.

Individuals interested in following and/or participating in Council proceedings may join the Council e-mail list, read archives of discussion, and view documents via the web site at

Council members are elected at large, in compliance with Alameda County regulations.

County Council Candidates

William Balderston
Bill Balderston is a long-time socialist and advocate for independent political action. He has in the past been part of the Labor Party Advocates, and more recently, a participant in the Elect Left network and locally, in the Oakland Alliance. He is involved in the Oakland Greens and was the Green Party candidate for state insurance commissioner in 2010.

In addition, Bill is a teacher union activist and involved in a range of labor solidarity work. He also has been active around climate change issues and immigrant rights. Lastly, he has worked on anti-war and international solidarity campaigns for many decades.

Dale Baum
I am a Vietnam era veteran who became active in the antiwar movement during the 1960s. While living for many years in College Station, Texas, I served as president of the Brazos Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and advocated for workers’ rights by volunteering for the Brazos Interfaith Immigration Network.

As a longtime Democratic Party precinct captain, I gradually realized that bold and fundamental changes that our nation needed would not be accomplished through the party. I voted in the 2012 election for presidential candidate Jill Stein. After retiring from teaching and moving to Oakland in 2014, I was appointed the following year to fill a vacancy on the County Council of the Green Party of Alameda County.

My top priorities for local political activism include the creation of affordable housing, decent jobs paying livable wages, police accountability via a citizen commission, banning coal exports from Oakland’s former army base, and improving the quality of the city’s public schools. Nationwide, millions of young people have shown their disillusionment with the existing American political landscape through their participation in Bernie Sanders’ campaign. The Green Party must harness their energy and enthusiasm to continue the struggle for a revolutionary change from the bottom-up.

Maxine Daniel
My name is Maxine H. “Mica” Daniel. I previously served five years on the County Council of Alameda County. I have served the last four years on the state Coordinating Committee, a position that I am stepping down from, effective June 30, 2016. I am running for County Council because I believe I can be more productive in promoting Green Party values at the local level. I have been active with the Green Party since 2005 even though I am a long time Green (since 1992). I was impressed with the “10 Key Values” and still believe that the Green Party is needed during these unprecedented times when big money can blatantly buy elections.

Doing my activism, I have advocated for equal rights, reproductive health care, environmental issues, medical cannabis, and a strong third party to challenge the status quo. I have struggled against racism, sexism, and domestic violence. As a black feminist lesbian I was born into the struggle. I am a thoughtful listener, critical thinker, calm, honest and willing to do my share of the work. I ask for your vote.
Thank you.
Maxine H. Mica Daniel

Brian Donahue
Why I became a Green—I’m a blue collar American, 35-year Alameda County resident and was formerly a Democrat in the 1980s. But after President Clinton initiated NAFTA, a trade agreement highly damaging to ordinary Americans that every Republican was salivating over but none could have been successful initiating owing to its likely universal Democratic opposition, I realized that changed party, so enthralled with representing Wall Street, was no longer interested in representing my interests, ordinary American’s interests. I see the Green Party as taking up what the Democrats dropped long ago. And so, in 1993, I switched parties and now every time I venture into the voting booth, I’m helping to further my family’s interests… and the interests of my fellow traveler Americans.

Greg Jan
I’ve helped coordinate much of our County Green Party work over the years, including the process for our Voter Guide endorsements, questionnaires, articles, and fundraising. I’ve also helped to find candidates, for both our County Council, and for our statewide candidate slate, and have helped in coordinating the placing of our County Council and statewide candidates’ names onto the ballot.

From our beginnings, many Greens have consistently advocated for “political revolution,” and “social democracy,” and now that many people are finally becoming aware of these ideas, we need your help to insure that this momentum doesn’t simply disappear after the June election. Opportunities that haven’t existed for decades are now emerging—and perhaps just in the nick of time, given climate change, social injustice, and growing economic inequality.

So please “roll up your sleeves” and get involved! Whether it’s registering voters, strategic planning, passing out voter guides, making phone calls, running for office, fundraising, and/or helping out with this November’s voter guide, now is the time to take action! As an all-volunteer organization we need your assistance, even if it’s just once every month or two—whatever you can spare. Please call us at (510) 644-2293.
Thanks so much!

Tina Kimmel
I grew up in an active Democratic Party household, for example, my mother ran for US Congress in 1972. But the Dems and the Republicans have shifted ever-rightward in my lifetime, leaving “Main Street” more and more in the shadows of “Wall Street.” So I moved my affiliation leftward to the Greens.

As a Research Scientist for the California Dept. of Public Health, I saw how important good public policy and laws are to vulnerable populations, such as children and other species. Especially since I retired, I am determined to make a difference in that policy.

I was an Election Precinct Inspector and Coordinator for the Alameda County Registrar of Voters for 20 years. Four years ago I became active in the Alameda County Greens, and two years ago I was appointed to the County Council. I have done computer database projects such as initiating the Paperless Voter Guide mailings in 2014. I have contributed in other ways to the Voter Guide and other functions for the Greens. I am happy to continue in this important work.

Lynette “Samsarah” Morgan- Becknell
Ms. Morgan is an Interfaith Minister and Counselor, Apprentice Midwife, Family Life Coach, Doula and Hypnotherapist. She is the founder of Nia Center for birth and family life. She is a birth and postpartum caregiver and childbirth and parenting educator, and is this year celebrating 36 years as a birth worker and trainer. She is the proud mother of five grown sons and the grandmother of three. Samsarah is the Director of Shiphrah’s Circle Community Doula Program a comprehensive and full spectrum Doula support and parenting education program, which provides these services for low income and working class families.

She is a contributing writer for several online magazines, including Weight Loss Solutions 360 magazine, Every Little Thing, Birth Babies and Beyond, and Occupy Oakland Media Collective. She is the author of “The Children’s Village; Musings of an Urban Nana.” Her second book, “Birth: A Black Woman’s Survival Guide,” is scheduled to be published spring of 2016.

She is a member of the board for the Sacred Birth Angels Foundation, as well as a Founding Member of the Oakland Better Birth Foundation, and the Decolonize (Occupy) Pregnancy Birth and Parenting Caucus of Occupy Oakland, as well as KPFA Community Radio Local Station Board.

Her goal is to continue to work towards a recognition and healing of systemic racism. She wishes to provide mentorship to future Green Party members as well as to create channels that invite younger people as well as people of color to enter and participate in the Green Party in Alameda County and Oakland.

Michael Rubin
I am a retired state employee. I currently serve on the County Council, having been appointed in 2014. I have been a political activist since the 1960s. Many of those years were spent in the labor movement. In retirement, I remain a delegate to the Alameda Labor Council. In recent years, I have become very active in the battle against global climate change. I am involved in System Change Not Climate Change, a national organization which argues that a successful fight against climate change requires systemic change. I am also involved in the campaign to keep Oakland from being an export terminal for Utah coal and also in the Northern California Climate Mobilization. I believe that the dissatisfaction with the two-party system is growing. Our Green Party is going to have the chance to grow. I will work to help our party be ready for the new opportunities.

Phoebe Anne Sorgen
Hi! I teach piano and voice. Our paths have more likely crossed during decades of work for peace, the environment, and justice causes. As a Peace and Justice Commissioner, I was the primary force in getting Berkeley to become the 1st city to denounce corporate personhood, CAFTA, Bush’s stolen 2004 election, and Citizens United v FEC. Hundreds of cities followed. I helped make Berkeley publicize cell phone safety guidelines despite being sued by Big Telecom.

I served on KPFA’s Board. Arrested countless times for acts of conscience, I’ve also organized big protests, most recently against the TPP. I made Berkeley the first city to become a TPP and TTIP Free Zone and helped other cities do so. Democracy, not corporatocracy! I prioritize ending structural violence (1% v 99%) and all discrimination. Racism + sexism + antisemitism etc. = classism + divide + conquer.

I was “Outstanding Woman of Berkeley” of 2005 and a 2015 Tom Paine Courageous Spirit awardee. My achievements were joint endeavors with wonderful people and organizations (Green Party, Move to Amend, BFUU Social Justice Committee, BCA, Wellstone Club, WILPF.) Our planet is on the brink. Fortunately, Greens are playing significant roles in creating a sustainable, just world. It’s an honor. Join us!

Pamela Spevack
For the past twelve years I have been an At Large member of the Alameda County Council and am serving on the state Campaigns and Candidates Working Group. I am now convinced more than ever that our grassroots approach and refusal to take corporate money is what will get corruption out of our political lives. Because more people are rising up for change, and examining the realities of the current system, it is an opportune time for us to grow the Green Party.

I come from a social justice background, having worked as an activist in NOW, Dyke TV; Women Organized for Employment, and currently involved in saving the environment and as a member of Older Lesbians Organized for Change. All people are welcome to our monthly Green Party topical presentations and meetings happening on the second Sunday of each month. Please Vote for any eleven of the listed candidates.

John Torok
Growing up in England, John Hayakawa Torok was politicized by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Encampment protests against the U.S. deployment of nuclear cruise missiles in the U.K. He has been active in Asian American matters and was most recently active with Occupy Oakland. His Cal Ethnic Studies doctoral dissertation examines Chinese immigration policy enforcement in Cold War New York Chinatown. He serves as a worksite shop steward in his state government job in San Francisco and as an SEIU Local 1000 delegate to the Alameda County Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO. He participates in the World Association of International Studies and the Oakland Livable Wage Assembly.

Laura Wells
My wish for 2016 is that the two-party system breaks up and the mass movement builds up. My wish for Alameda County is that we help make the Green Party the “electoral arm” of the mass movement. Two major breaks in this election year are that (1) presidential candidates—from Greens, as always, to Bernie and beyond—are making a point of taking no corporate money, and (2) there’s an upsurge in people looking for “a new party” and for “strong third parties.” Many people recognize the Green Party as the obvious choice while many others are in the evaluating mode.

This year I will contribute what I can toward making the Green Party strong and welcoming. I have a long history with the Green Party as a voter registration organizer (your Green Party voter registration is more important than you realize!), and as a member of the County Council, co-editor of state and local newspapers, and candidate for state office. For my current focus areas, see, my blogs at and Please vote for any 11 on this list of active, dedicated, cooperative candidates running for County Council. Another world is possible.

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Below is a list of early endorsements of Green Party candidates running in the November 2014 election within Alameda County.


John Selawsky

John_SelawskyBerkeley Rent Stabilization Board
(6 candidates for 5 seats)

Berkeley Tenants Convention 2014
GPCA Profile Page: John Selawsky




Jesse Townley

JesseTownleyBerkeley Rent Stabilization Board
(6 candidates for 5 seats)

Berkeley Tenants Convention 2014
GPCA Profile Page: Jesse Townley





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August 2014

Hello fellow Greens!

This is a critical time where Greens can make a big difference in the future direction of politics in Richmond. For the last decade our Green Party Mayor Gayle McLaughlin has been leading a movement of progressive change that has received national attention for its broad vision and accomplishments. Gayle has termed out as mayor but is running for the city council again along with two other progressives in the Richmond Progressive Alliance. With our help Richmond can continue on the path of progress and overcome the dirty money and politics of Chevron.

I want to share the email below from Team Richmond with more background and details of the canvassing this Saturday. There are two canvassing shifts: 10 am – 2 pm (arrive at 9:30 am for briefing) and 1-5 pm (arrive at 12:30 pm) and a party at 5:30 pm – all start at 1021 Macdonald Avenue (near Harbour Way and about 4 blocks from Richmond BART), Richmond.

Thanks for any help you can give! Please click on the link for Richmond Rising! or contact me at to RSVP.

Tim Laidman
Green Party of Contra Costa


Richmond Rising! is Team Richmond’s canvassing blitz this coming Saturday, August 16. Volunteers from Bay Area environmental, community, and labor groups will join Richmond residents to knock on 1,000 doors and return to the Bobby Bowens Community Center for a party (real food! live music!).

The Richmond election is going to be a showdown between organized people-power and unlimited corporate power in the form of Chevron’s money (estimated at $25 million), influence, and their relentless PR disinformation campaign. An article in on-line Beyond Chron said it best: “What’s not just possible but absolutely certain is Chevron’s costly retaliatory drive against RPA influence this Fall.”

Team Richmond takes no corporate money, so we must win the election the old-fashioned way: going door-to-door to listen to voters and explain the issues.

Our progressive candidates are generating buzz both nationally and locally—the excitement is building week by week. We have a dedicated campaign team, a social media presence, and a volunteer canvassing organization: 35 members strong and growing. Canvassers are hitting the streets every afternoon to spread the real story: ten years of progressive organizing is building a better Richmond.

If you haven’t gone door-to-door before, canvasser Jeanne Kortz shares her experience:

“Canvassing has been a wonderful, positive experience. People are very receptive to our cause, especially if you tell them that Team Richmond candidates take no corporate donations and are beholden only to the citizens of Richmond.

“I realize that some of you might feel somewhat intimidated by canvassing. I felt that way myself, but once I experienced the openness and friendliness of most people who answer their doors, I was no longer intimated, but enthusiastic and hopeful.”

We know you’re a supporter— now we need your participation! Don’t be shy—join us Saturday for Richmond Rising!

P.S. If you’ve made another commitment for Saturday, you can help in other ways: canvass with Eduardo or Mike, phone-bank, do data entry, donate, or host a house party for friends and neighbors.

Thanks again for your support!
Gayle, Eduardo, and Jovanka

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

November 2012

Below is a list of Green Party candidates running in the November 2012 election within Alameda County.   A full list of Green Party candidates in the State of California is here.


Byron Barrett of Education
Albany Unified School District
(3 candidates for 2 seats)

Albany Patch Profile
City of Albany Candidates




Sheri Spellwoman Council, Albany
(7 candidates for 3 seats)

Website :
Facebook : Spellwoman For Albany
Albany Patch Profile
City of Albany Candidates





Khalil Jacobs Fantuzzi

Mayor, Berkeley
(6 candidates for 1 seat)

City of Berkeley Candidate Information
UC Berkeley alum, social activist runs for mayor
Friday, August 10, 2012
2008 Berkeley Mayoral Debate: Kahlil Jacobs-Fantauzzi


Phoebe Ann Sorgen Council, Berkeley, District 6
(1 candidate for 1 seat, write-in Phoebe)



Don MacLeay

DonMCity Council, Oakland, District 1
(7 candidates for 1 seat)

Oakland Greens: Don MacLeay
Don Macleay (Oakland Green Party) Talks District One Race



Theresa Anderson Council, Oakland, at-large
(5 candidates for 1 seat)

Meet the Oakland Greens: Theresa Anderson


Randy Menjivar

Peralta Community College, Area 2 (East Oakland)

Oakland Greens: Vote Menjivar
SmartVoter: Randy Menjivar
VIDEO: Rany Menjivar Candidate Statement
VIDEO: M1 of Dead Prez with Randy Reynaldo Menjivar
Twitter: OakRandy2012