“People’s Earth Day for Water Justice” Sunday, 1:00 pm

      This weekend is Earth Day weekend and the main event in northern Alameda county will be “People’s Earth Day for Water Justice” this coming Sunday from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at Oakland’s Lake Merritt amphitheater.  (Which is at the southern end of Lake Merritt, across the street from the county courthouse and the Oakland Museum).  

      We’ll be distributing Green Party literature there and registering voters, so please drop by and say hi (and spend some time with us, if you can). The event is sponsored by 350.org, No Coal in Oakland, the Sunflower Alliance, the Sierra Club, Extinction Rebellion, GreenAction, and several other groups, so it should be a VERY good event for us!  (Note:  If  you can or will likely be able to help us at our table, please email us with your name and your approximate times, to:  acgreens2012@gmail.com ).  In addition, below are previews of 2 upcoming Green events.  

See you on Sunday afternoon! 

Green Party of Alameda County