Sat, 1 pm:  Mass Protest for Abortion Rights!  At 24th & Mission, San Francisco

May 14 Mass Protest:  We Refuse to Let the Supreme Court Take Away Abortion Rights!

San Francisco  1:00 PM 

24th & Mission (Outside the BART station)

The Supreme Court stands poised to overturn the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that established the right of women to abortion.  Forced motherhood is female enslavement.  When women are not free, no one is free.  

Our only way forward and our best way forward is to resist.  NOW is the time to rouse thousands and soon millions in struggle so that we can look every woman and girl in the eye with the promise in word and deed that they will have a future as full human beings.  NOW  is the time to stand up, together, as if our lives depend upon it—for, in fact, they do.

Wear & DISPLAY #GREEN4Abortion 

Green is the color worn by millions of women in Argentina, Colombia, and other countries to express their fierce determination to legalize abortion. We are inspired by their example!  Wear green and display green everywhere – on campuses, on the job, on public transport, on social media.


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