Here is the Green Voter Guide for the current (6/7) election! 

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Every election, volunteers with your local Green Party of Alameda County work hard researching, writing, and producing our insightful Green Voter Guide. 

Below please find the handy summary of our voting recommendations — the “Green Voter Card”. The complete 12-page GREEN VOTER GUIDE with its analyses is ONLINE at: (Please click on the letters “PDF” — or on the Green Voter Guide logo below).

There are also PAPER COPIES of the Voter Guide at the Green Party of Alameda County office at 2022 Blake Street, Berkeley. Please let us know if you’d like to help with distribution by contacting:

The completed Candidate Questionnaires will be posted within a few days, to:

If you have questions about registration, your ballot, or voting, please call the Registrar of Voters at: 510-272-6973 or the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights at: 1-866-OUR-VOTE, or view the Secretary of State’s website, here:

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Green Party of Alameda County

Alameda County Green Party Voter Guide [PDF]

Please note: Many of the links to websites in this online Voter Guide are “clickable”, when you place your cursor over them (the URL’s might not look clickable, but for most computers, they do work when you click on them). Also, for many of the local races you’ll find lots of additional information in the candidates’ completed questionnaires, so we strongly encourage you to read them here on our website, at:

For a quick summary, here is the back page card:

Green Voter Card

Clip and bring with you to the polls (and photocopy for your friends!)

Federal Offices
U.S. Senator — John Thompson Parker (full term) AND John Thompson Parker (partial term: write-in)
U.S. Representative, District 12 — Glenn Kaplan, with reservations

State Offices
Governor — Luis Javier Rodriguez
Lieutenant Governor — Mohammad Arif
Secretary of State — Gary N. Blenner
Controller — Laura Wells
Treasurer — Meghann Adams
Attorney General — Dan Kapelovitz
Insurance Commissioner — Nathalie Hrizi
Superintendent of Public Instruction — Marco Amaral
Board of Equalization, District 2 — Sally Lieber (Preferred, but not endorsed)
State Senate, District 10 — Aisha Wahab (Recommended, but not endorsed); Jamal Khan, runner-up (but not endorsed); Don’t vote for Paul Pimentel
State Assembly, District 14 — Don’t vote for Buffy Wicks
State Assembly, District 18 — No Endorsement, please see write-up
State Assembly, District 20 — Jennifer Esteen (Preferred, but not endorsed)

Judicial Offices
Superior Court Judge, Office #1 — Tamiza Hockenhull
Superior Court Judge, Office #12 — Pelayo Llamas
Superior Court Judge, Office #21 — No Endorsement, please see write-up

County Offices
Superintendent of Schools — Alysse Castro
School Board, Area 7 — Don’t vote for Dillie or Dao
Supervisor, District 2 –No endorsement, please see write-up 
Supervisor, District 3 –Rebecca Kaplan, with reservations 
Assessor — Unopposed incumbent (No Endorsement)
Auditor-Controller/Clerk-Recorder — Unopposed incumbent (No Endorsement)
District Attorney — Pamela Price, with reservations
Sheriff/Coroner — Yesenia Sanchez
Treasurer/Tax Collector — Unopposed incumbent (No Endorsement)

Local Measures
B — Alameda School Facilities Bond — Yes, with standard bond reservations
C — Oakland Library Parcel Tax — Yes, with standard parcel tax reservations

Candidates in green ink are “Left Unity Slate” members. (Please see the front page article.)