Please help distribute Voter Guides around town or door-to-door!

Hi everyone!,

We now have LOTS of Green Voter Guides to distribute, so PLEASE help us distribute them around town, or door-to-door!  We’re anticipating that many more people will be voting much earlier this year, so please get started with distribution just as soon as you possibly can!  You can take some of them along with you, wherever you happen to be going and leave them at laundromats, some restaurants and bookstores, etc. — wherever other free papers are given away.  Or, you can pass them out in person, or door-to-door, or possibly at some rallies which are still taking place (etc.). 

So, please help us distribute lots of Voter Guides just as soon as is possible!  If you live or work in or near Oakland, please call Michael Rubin or Jan Arnold at 436-3722 to arrange to get some Voter Guides.  If you live or work in or near Berkeley, please call our office phone number, 644-2293 (preferably 24 hours in advance) and we’ll then leave the Voter Guides for you to pick up on the porch of our office at  2022 Blake St. in Berkeley.  (Note: Please specify the number of voter guides you’d like — there are 100 voter guides in a bundle.) 

Please call us right away and help distribute our Green Voter Guides!

Thank you so much!,

Green Party of Alameda County


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