Suds, Snacks, and Socialism, discussion of local elections and statewide propositions

Elections November 2020 Part 1: The importance of local elections and the Statewide Propositions

Saturday, Sept 12, 2020, 2:30-4:30 pm

This is a virtual meeting: connect with

2:30-3:30 discussion of local elections, featuring

Carroll Fife, candidate for Oakland City Council District 3

Aidan Hill, Green Party candidate for Berkeley Mayor

The Action 2020 slate for Oakland School Board

The socialist slate for Hayward City Council

Presentation and discussion of the Statewide propositions on the California ballot

A short summary of all of the propositions with concurring positions by the Alameda County Greens and the Peace and Freedom Party, and a brief presentation of their differing views on Propositions 24 and 25.


Additional time for questions and comments

note: A forum about the national election will be held on Oct 3, 2020.

This event is sponsored by the Oakland Greens, Bay Area System Change Not Climate Change, and the Alameda County Peace and Freedom Party.

For more information call 510-465-9414

[[ Note:  Our Sunday, 5:00 pm online Green Sunday will also include the Berkeley Mayor’s race and the Oakland School Board races   ]]