Green Sunday (10/13): The intersection of anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-sexist, and anti-homophobic struggles

Green Sunday (10/13):  The intersection of anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-sexist, and anti-homophobic struggles  

The ecosystem, the political system and the economy are all in crisis, yet the 99% seems powerless to influence the ruling class which continues on a path toward disaster. The panel will address some of the following questions. What went wrong with the radical and progressive movements of the 60s that initially seemed promising, but left us more vulnerable to a system of exploitation? How can we unite to defend ourselves (and the ecosystem that allows us to survive) against the multi-national corporations, the capitalists, the corrupt political parties and a political system that uses violence to maintain its power and the status quo?  What allowed the 1% to co-opt our struggles resulting in greater wealth inequality and alienation among the 99%? What do we need to do differently to turn the tide of neoliberalism which has captured our institutions? How do we best frame the struggles to activate and unite the 99%? Are framings such as “exploitation as class struggle” and “oppression as identity politics” useful in understanding our predicament? 

Gerald Smith is a self-identified socialist and police accountability activist and has played a role in several major movements in the East Bay: He has helped organize anti-apartheid protests at UC Berkeley, been a founding member of Copwatch, sat on the Oscar Grant Committee, and coordinated the efforts of Occupy Oakland.

Laura Wells has run as a Green Party candidate on a platform of public banking, taxing the rich, and reforming Prop 13. She lives in Oakland. She has been active with the Green Party since 1992, when her daughter turned 8, and the Green Party began.

Hillary Chen played a role in the Global Climate Strike activities from September 20th to 27th and is an active member of the East Bay DSA Climate and Environmental Justice Caucus. In addition she works with multiple groups in the Bay Area. She participated in the week of action for climate on September 20th, 25th, and 27th, both with DSA and with an independent affinity group she had formed with people she connected with at a Non Violent Direct Action Training.

Armando Davila Kirkwood is a concerned citizen. He is concerned about the mass extinction and genocide that we are on a path on globally. Occasionally this concern manifests as a creative project and or support for local activism. He is otherwise an artist who loves being creative.

October 13, 5:00 to 6:30 PM

Niebyl-Proctor Library, 6501 Telegraph Ave., near Alcatraz, Oakland

Green Sundays are a series of free public programs & discussions on topics “du jour” sponsored by the Green Party of Alameda County and held on the 2nd Sunday of each month. Snacks are potluck. Vegetarian and vegan snacks are always welcome, but we appreciate whatever you can bring! The monthly business meeting of the County Council of the Green Party follows, at 6:45 pm. Council meetings are open to anyone who is interested.