This Sunday (6/24): Oakland Greens Dinner & Movie: “What’s the Matter with Kansas”; 4920 Telegraph Ave, Oakland

June Movie Night Flyer.jpg
The Oakland Greens 2018 FREE Dinner and a Movie discussion series. 
“What’s the Matter with Kansas” The “Last Sundays” of every month @ It’s Your Move Games, 4920 Telegraph Ave, in the historic Temescal district.

SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Our 6th in the series will be screening on Sunday, June 24th, 2018, “What’s the Matter with Kansas” (2009), a documentary film by Laura Cohen and Joe Winston and based on the book by Thomas Frank. In the wake of low turnout in the recent California June 5th election, we shall discuss what can be done to convince people not only to register, but to actually participate in the electoral process. Do we speak in nonviolent rhetoric? Or do we escalate the situation and call us all out for being too fucking comfortable? Dinner @ 6:30pm;  movie and discussion @ 7:30pm