Help put our Green Party U.S. Senate candidate on the ballot! (Michael “Cal Songmaker” Ziesing)

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Help us put Cal Songmaker on the ballot!  Cal will be a strong Green Party alternative to the incumbent, Dianne Feinstein (and other corporate candidates).  The Green Party of Alameda County has endorsed Cal and urges you to support his campaign!  Here is Cal’s statement:
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Hello Greens,

My name is Michael “Cal Songmaker” Ziesing and I am the Green Party candidate for the US Senate in California. Perhaps you want to know something about me.

I am a lifelong leftist with over 50 years of experience fighting for freedom and justice. My political activity dates back to the 1960s with my participation in the Vietnam War Moratorium. I was a leader in the student strikes following the murders at Kent State and Jackson State. I organized anti-Klan rallies in Connecticut, wrote books, published a small periodical, raised money to bring speakers from Belfast in the North of Ireland for a speaking tour. In 2011, I participated in the Occupy movement in Redding, California.

I addition to that I am a US Navy veteran and Native American tribal member (Yup’ik Eskimo).  I have experienced being homeless and to this day receive food stamps, so I know what it’s like being poor. I am a single father with a son going to college. 

I am trying to raise money to get on the ballot in California and time is of the essence. We have less than 3 weeks to get nearly $4,000 in donations to place a Green Party Senate candidate on the ballot. 

I hope you can chip in to help with that effort. Let’s oust the corporate liberal Dianne Feinstein from office and finally have a Green senator in Washington.

I have a campaign Facebook page, here:  and I’ve posted a very short “platform” on my Crowdpac page. You can also go to my Crowdpac page to make a donation. It’s at:

Thank you,
Michael “Cal Songmaker” Ziesing