By Monday!: Josh Jones, our Green Governor candidate, needs our help!

Hi Greens!,
The Josh Jones for Governor campaign needs to raise at least several thousand more dollars by this coming Monday, Feb. 12, in order to qualify for the ballot and have a decent-length ballot statement, so please donate before then!  The charge for the filing fee and a full-length ballot statement is now $10,166.  Josh has been helping to activate new county Green groups throughout California, and he’s been speaking across the state — he spoke in Oakland for our “Green Sunday” on January 14.  The Green Party of Alameda County has endorsed Josh.  There’s more info in the slightly-revised message that we sent out last month, copied below.  Please donate ASAP(preferably by this coming Sunday), here:
Thank you!,
Green Party of Alameda County
Josh Jones for Governor of California
Hi Greens!,

The 2018 election year is now here, so it’s time to start qualifying our candidates for the June 5th ballot!  I’m volunteering to help Josh Jones for Governor, who is currently ramping up his campaign to help build and publicize the Green Party throughout California. 
Can you help us by donating to the campaign?

Josh is a former President of the Berniecrats of Yolo County. He was a grassroots organizer for Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign, who then returned to the Green Party after recognizing the corruption in the Democratic Party, from the national, to the state, to the county level. 

Josh is now firmly dedicated to helping to build the Green Party and promoting our values and positions — he’ll be a great candidate for us. He’s already started traveling around the state, visiting the counties of Humboldt, Trinity, Siskiyou, Tehama, Yolo, Alameda, Santa Clara, and Los Angeles, including speaking at last month’s state Green Party meeting in Ventura.

Part of Josh’s campaign focus is to activate county Green Parties in all 25 remaining California counties. We are already helping Siskiyou County become activated, and hopefully we will be able to find and activate many more Greens (including you?), to promote the 10 key values of the Green Party in every corner of California.

We need your help in order to get Josh on the ballot!  The official state of California filing fee charge is $3,916!  If you can, please consider donating to Josh’s campaign.  Because Green Party candidates don’t take corporate money, we need lots and lots of us to help out with this! The good news is that if everyone who received this email donated $5, we could afford the filing fee tomorrow!

Thank you so very much! — Go Greens!,
Sadie Fulton
Campaign Manager,
Josh Jones for Governor

Josh Jones for Governor

Josh Jones for Governor of California · CA, United States 
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