Can you help out with these June races or ballot measures?!

Hi Greens!,
It’s time once again to get started with work on our June Voter Guide!  Right now, we need help with the State Board of Equalization (District 2) race and three state propositions (as listed further below).  You’ll have until March 4 to complete your analysis and recommendations, and of course we’ll give you tips on where to find info, and some of the things you might want to consider.  Some initial info about this race and the 3 propositions is below.  Please reply back to:   soon, with the race and/or proposition(s) you’d be willing to help out with (or if you have any questions, etc.)!
Thank you so very much!,
Green Party of Alameda County
*** State Board of Equalization, District 2 — Incumbent Fiona Ma is running for State Treasurer.  Several Democrats including State Senator Cathleen Galgiani and SF Supervisor Malia Cohen are running.  More info is at the following websites:

*** Proposition 69

ACA 5 (Resolution Chapter 30, statutes of 2017), Frazier.

Motor vehicle fees and taxes: restriction on expenditures: appropriations limit.(PDF)

*** Proposition 70

ACA 1 (Resolution Chapter 105, statutes of 2017), Mayes.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Reserve Fund. (PDF)

*** Proposition 71

ACA 17 (Resolution Chapter 190, Statutes of 2017), Mullin.

Ballot measures: effective date (PDF)