California Secretary of State Debra Bowen: Bring back our Write-In Votes!

The November, 6, 2012 election will mark the first time in California history that our choice of casting general election write-in votes for U.S. Congress or State Legislature will have been taken away from us, the voters. This is truly an affront to the idea of democracy and free choice — to not even have the option to write-in an alternative candidate, even when both of the candidates on the ballot are from the same political party that I, as an individual voter, happen to strongly disagree with!

If you are disgusted by this state of affairs and a rigged election system, please sign this petition! You may also enter the write-in vote(s) that you would have cast, as follows:

1. enter the office & district you want to vote for (example: State Senate, District 14).

2. enter the name of the person you’d like to vote for (example: Jack London)

Sign the petition here: