Two Oakland events: 1) Obama Protest July 23, 2) “Move to Amend” July 27-29

Dear Greens,

Please join us in Oakland for 2 upcoming events:

1) Monday, July 23rd — Protest Obama’s fundraiser at Oakland’s Fox Theater, especially regarding the war on medical marijuana

2) Friday – Sunday, July 27-29th — Attend the “Move to Amend” Regional Convergence at the Oakland Peace Center

Information on both events is below.

See you in Oakland!

The Green Party of Alameda County


Harborside Health Center

Action Alert!!
Our Time is NOW! A Call to Action:Watch Steve DeAngelo’s Call to Action

Last October CA’s four US Attorney’s announced a crackdown on medical cannabis, saying they would target organizations using medical cannabis as a shield for criminal activity and profiteering. But the list of those actually targeted reads like an honor role of the most legitimate and legally compliant medical cannabis providers in the state.

On July 9th, Harborside Health Center was added to that list, when federal agents taped a notice of property forfeiture to our front doors. This action was a major escalation by US Attorney Melinda Haag, who previously had said she would focus enforcement actions on dispensaries that too close to schools, or out of compliance with state law

Ms. Haag failed to cite even one specific act of wrongdoing on the part of Harborside. The only reason she gave for moving against us is that we are too large. But the reason we have become so large is because we have provided patients with the very highest level of care, and have meticulously obeyed state law and local regulations.Watch Steve DeAngelo’s Call to Action

Help stop the Federal attacks on the medical cannabis community!

Join us
MONDAY, JULY 23 at 12:00pm
Oakland City Hall
1 Frank H Ogawa Plaza
Oakland, CA 94612

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OAKLAND, CA: Move to Amend Nor-Cal! Regional Convergence

Friday, July 27, 2012 – 6:30pm to Sunday, July 29, 2012 – 12:00pm

Oakland Peace Center

111 Fairmount Ave

Oakland, CA 94611

See map: Google Maps

Move to Amend is holding seven regional gatherings across the United States in 2012. These events will bring you together with Move to Amend activists and supporters from throughout your region of the country. Let’s amplify and multiply the power of all that great local organizing by building deeper organizational connections. Let’s kick it up a notch!


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Convergence Agenda

Session 1: Friday, July 27, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM (Laying the Foundation)

*The State of the Global & US Democracy Movement 
This session will lay the groundwork for our weekend together. We’ll address the state of our movement(s) on a national and global scale and discuss the political climate for systemic social change in the United States.

Session Speakers:

  • Colin Rajah, Program Director, International Migrant Rights & Global Justice Program
  • Malkia Cyril, Executive Director of the Center for Media Justice
  • Alicia Garza, Executive Director of People Organized to Win Employment Rights (POWER)
  • Mitch Jeserich Host of “Letters & Politics” on KPFA Radio
  • Marc Sapir, Medicare for All

See the full line-up of sessions at: