Oakland Greens Propose an Oakland Progressive Alliance

The Oakland Greens propose an Oakland Progressive Alliance to offer our communities an alternative in the November 2012 local elections

In this next election we need values, ethics and a commitment to good government.

We invite the public to come and discuss our city’s future in open forum on:

Friday, February 24, 2012
6-8 PM forum discussion
8-9 Pot luck dinner
Humanist Hall
411 28th Street, Oakland, CA, 94609

EVERYONE is welcome.

If you are considering running for office in this next election and think you could make common cause with us,please come and speak up. If there is someone you would like to invite, please forward this email to them.

Oakland is in crisis in our youth, in our schools, in our government.

We need active, progressive leadership.

We are proposing a platform based on:

1. personal ethics
2. independence of the candidates
from the existing money and influence politics
3. overhaul and reform of our institutions,
especially our budget, our council and our law enforcement.

Our speakers will be:

Andrea Pritchett, CopWatch

Andres Soto, Richmond Progressive Alliance

Larry Shoup, Historian, local political activist

Wilson Riles, Oakland Community Action Network

Laura Wells, California Green Party

Shawn McDougal, Community Democracy Project

The panel will consist of our four Oakland Green candidates so far:

Don Macleay, City Council Candidate Dist. 1
Randy Menjivar, City Council Candidate Dist. 7
Theresa Anderson-Downs, At Large Candidate
Vicente Cruz, School Board candidate Dist. 3

For videos of our candidate launch, please follow these links:

We offer our efforts to the community and we make this proposal to the community.It is the strongly held view of the Oakland Greens that a full slate of candidates, a program that covers the issues well and a political alternative that can guide our city in a much needed new direction will come from the whole community.

This is an invitation to join, to lead, to mold and to run for office.
All individuals and organizations welcome.

Oakland Green Party
(510) 866-7488
P.O. Box 20299, Oakland, CA 94620

(If you would like to have a speaker and/or want to set up a table, please RSVP, also let us know if you can help with the pot-luck food)