Tax The Rich! Conference

November 19 8:30am-1:30pm
Claremont Middle School
(5750 College Ave, Oakland near Rockridge Bart)

Endorsed by: Oakland Education Association, United Educators of San Francisco, Peralta Federation of Teachers, Berkeley Federation of Teachers, SEIU 1021, Alameda Country Central Labor Council, United Teachers of Richmond, Alameda County Green Party, Peace and Freedom Party, International Socialist Organization, Grassroots for Democracy, Richmond Progressive Alliance, Against Cuts, Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency

Are you an educator sick of yearly layoffs and class size increases? Are you a parent or college student tired of tuition rising through the roof? Or are you just tired of hearing politicians talk about an ?All Cuts Budget?, that hurts everyone, when over half the corporations in California don?t even pay taxes?

There is a simple solution to all of these problems.  TAX THE RICH! The top 1% don’t even pay the proportion of tax that a public school teacher pays.  Yet, who is bearing the brunt of the economic crisis? Come to this half day conference to learn more about how you can help build a movement at the local, state and federal level that can TAX THE RICH!

Agenda for Tax-the-Rich Conference 

11/19/2011 Claremont Middle School

8:30-9:00    Registration
9:00-11:00  Opening panel:  Where We Are          Moderator:  Mary Prophet

Welcome:  Betty Olson-Jones, OEA, Josie Camacho ACCLC

Federal taxation:  National Nurses United Speaker, TBA
State taxation: Fred Glass California Federation of Teachers
Local taxation: Phil Ting  San Francisco City Assessor

11:10-12:10          Workshops

* Against the Cuts Workshop
* Revive Oakland Workshop
* 3rd Party Alternatives
* Grassroots for Democracy
* New Priorities Campaign
* Campaign to Tax the Super Rich
* Main Street not Wall Street
* OEA Bank Campaign

12:20-1:30             Closing Panel:    What are our next steps?     Moderator:  David  de Leeuw

Tonya Dennis                 Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE)
Lark Omura                    UCB student and Against Cuts
Betty Olson-Jones         Oakland Education Association
Discussion:  Speakers from the floor